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[Linux-cluster] Multiple TCP/IP adresses for cman communication


I am currently using a pretty common setup, using a two or more nodes cluster, one or more iSCSI SANs, at least 3 gigabyte interfaces on each nodes (one for cluter member cman communication, and 2 for iSCSI communication) :

    switch 1
    |       |
node 1      node 2
 |   |      |   |
 |   Switch 2   |
 |     |        |
 |    SAN       |
 |     |        |
 ———Switch 3----|

On each switches, I use a separate network : for switch 1, cman communication and for communicating with the rest of the world, for switch 2 and first port of the SAN and nodes, for switch 3 and second port of the SAN and nodes.

My SAN luns are multipathed on the nodes.

This setup works very well for me and I achieve both redundancy and load balancing for access from nodes to SAN.

I am using Centos 5 (RHEL 5) on the nodes and cman use the default configuration of using multicast on the switch 1 network.

I wonder if it is possible to make cman use the two other interfaces as well for its communications between cluster nodes ?

Doing so, I will be able to support the fail of any of the 3 switches without having the cluster members fenced in any way.


Alain RICHARD <mailto:alain richard equation fr>
EQUATION SA <http://www.equation.fr/>
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Applications client/serveur, ingénierie réseau et Linux

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