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Re: [Linux-cluster] disabling DLM and GFS kernel modules

It said something about an out of memory condition. This was logged just prior to where it would have panicked:

groupd[9639]: found uncontrolled kernel object rgmanager in /sys/kernel/dlm
groupd[9639]: local node must be reset to clear 1 uncontrolled instances of gfs and/or dlm openais[9625]: [CMAN ] cman killed by node 1 because we were killed by cman_tool or other application
fenced[9647]: cman_init error 0 111
dlm_controld[9653]: cman_init error 0 111
gfs_controld[9659]: cman_init error 111

There were 2 runaway processes related to GFS / DLM before I tried to shut it down. We had not encountered any issues like this until now. The only changes to our setup were a superficial change to some cluster services, and an upgrade of the DRBD kernel module.

Kevin Anderson wrote:
On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 17:50 -0500, Chris Harms wrote:
Is there an easy way to disable GFS and related kernel modules if one does not need GFS? We are running the 5.1 Beta 1 version of the cluster and had a mysterious crash of the cluster suite. There were issues with the GFS and dlm modules. The kernel panicked on shutdown.

Do you have any details on the panic?


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