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[Linux-cluster] Virtual IPs on multiple subnets


Based on the IP addresses allocated by our ISP, we will need the cluster to manage virtual IP addresses on multiple (likely 3) different subnets, one is a private block and 2 public subnets. I would like the cluster nodes to have 192.168.xx.yy addresses for cluster traffic, and manage the public virtual IPs separately. I would prefer to not assign public static addresses, but can do so if necessary.

To test this setup, I have added an IP resource and created a simple service containing only the IP resource. The service "starts" and the cluster thinks it is available, but the IP does not appear in the output of the ip command nor is it accessible from other nodes. If I manually add the address via the ip command, it works fine. It appears the ip.sh script does some voodoo to extract / set various information for the address, adapter, etc so maybe there is something amiss there.

Any advice is appreciated.


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