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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster for DB2 database

I'm not a expert on DB2 but I don't think RHcluster will give you a performance-oriented cluster of DB2 databases. Instead, I could provide you a HA database or a HA-iSCSI target or GFS for your datafiles. Remember that if you share the same datafiles DB2 should be cluster-aware.

By the way, Oracle RAC it's a cluster by itself, it does not use RH cluster in any way.

Hope this helps.


Emerson Henrique da silva wrote:
Hello all!

Does anybody ever used Red Hat cluster for DB2 Databases ? (performance clusters)
Is it similar to Oracle's RAC, that have a particular cluster manager ?
In my readings, I fell that RH Cluster is not the right way to achieve the targets that I've finding. In the IBM's site, the documents are very confused to locate it.

Thanks for comments.


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