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[Linux-cluster] Is there a fencing agent I can use for iscsi ?(GFS and iSCSI)

I have a 2 node cluster serverA and serverB using iSCSI for the shared disk.
Both mount to ServerC which hosts the iscsi target. They both mount to the same iscsi target using GFS as the filesystem.  
I have setup RHCS and everything is working great except I do not have a proper fencing agent. Basically both nodes have to be online in order for the cluster to come up.

I was wondering if anyone has written a iscsi fencing agent that I could use. I saw one written in perl that ssh'd into the node and added an iptables entry in order to fence the server from the iscsi target. It was from 2004 and didn't run correctly on my machine.  Does anyone have any ideas? Or should I try and salvage the one I found and fix it up? Thanks.

Tracey Flanders

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