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[Linux-cluster] SCSI-fence configure

Hi Ryan or somebody else..

I have one question about your documentation about RedHat and scsi_reservation fence what you have write.

About this Storage Requimenents:
You write like this. "all shared storage must use LVM2 cluster volumes"
If i have 2 cluster-nodes and shared /data1 mount which are this shared volume, with no scsi-resevation bit on, in active-passive mode service.
And i want SCSI-fence like: I configure 2 * 2Gb shared storage more with SCSI-3 reservation bit on and create lvm2-partition, should this fence work, or must i still convert this allready configured /data1 to lvm2, for not preventing data-corruption in some situations. Or can i leave this partition unchanged

------------cut starts:--------------
3.2 - Storage Requirements

In order to use SCSI persistent reservations as a fencing method, all
shared storage must use LVM2 cluster volumes. In addition, all devices
within these volumes must be SPC-3 compliant. If you are unsure if
your cluster and shared storage environment meets these requirements,
a script is available to determine if your shared storage devices are
capable of using SCSI persistent reservations. See section x.x.

------------ cut ends-------------------------------

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