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[Linux-cluster] Node fencing without an apparent reason

Hello Everyone.

I've been reading about post_fail_delay option and i
would like to hear your thoughts. I have a 2 node
cluster using GFS mounts. I want to prevent a "not so
dead" node being fenced by the other node by
increasing post_fail_delay value. Nowdays, i have it
set to 0

I'm using DRAC as a fencing device, but ofter i saw
one node fencing the other one without an apparent
reason (no network / quorum disk failures) and i'm not
happy with that...

I've read about the risks of having the active node
replaying other's node GFS Journal and then having the
2nd node write on GFS again i can get GFS Metadata
corruption, but how long (seconds) this whole
procedure occurs ?  Is it safe to increase
post_fail_delay to something like 5 seconds ?

Thanks !

Roberto Fratelli

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