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[Linux-cluster] How to configure Squid Server Failover in RHCS

Thanks to everyone ,

I am testing redhat cluster suite,

I have successfully configured Apache Failover service using RHCS (in RHEL5).

Now i am testing a Squid server Failover.

One IP address (ex. is allowed to connect to the internet directly.

I have two RHEL5 Server having Squid installed on it. and i want to configure Squid Fail over using RHCS on those two servers. But I can't find in Resource List Resource Like Squid Server (As like Apache Server).

After that I wrote a script to start the Squid Server And added it as Script resource but it failed. The proble is that I am getting requests from clients at 3128 port of Squid but they won't connect to internet at all.

I have desabled SELinux and Firewall from the begning of this testing.

Please Reply my with some alternatives

Thanks in Advance,

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