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Re: [Linux-cluster] Migration of VMs instead of relocation

Isn't this fixed by adding --live to the migration line in the vm.sh script?

Federico Simoncelli wrote:
On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 7:00 PM, John Ruemker <jruemker redhat com> wrote:
 I believe migration will be the default in RHEL5.2, but for now you can
follow the instructions at http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/FAQ_51_11879


I already fixed that. (It is just to improve performances right? live
migration vs. migration)
My problem is quite different.
Imagine you have to shutdown a node for maintenance... you have to
manually migrate all the vms to other nodes before actually shut it
If you don't, rgmanager takes care of relocating the vms using
"relocate" which will result in stopping the service (vm unclean
destroy) and starting it somewhere else.
I am trying to avoid this kind of behavior.

Leo J Pleiman
Senior Consultant, GPS Federal

fn:Leo J Pleiman, RHCE
n:Pleiman;Leo J
org:;GPS Federal
email;internet:lpleiman redhat com
title:Senior Consultant

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