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Re: [Linux-cluster] how can I share a logical volume?

When you say you want to share storage with the other 2 nodes, do you mean only one node is physically connected to the storage and exports it to the other 2? Or do you mean that all three nodes are connected to the same storage and they share the device?

If the former, gnbd is probably what you want. If the latter, you should see the same devices (/dev/sdX) on each node. If you do not, you have misconfigured your HBA or LUNs. Once they all see the same devices, you should be able to start clvmd and all 3 will see the clustered volume group.


Andrew A. Neuschwander wrote:
Did you setup the node with the storage as a gnbd server and the other
nodes as gnbd clients? I think this is what you want in order for the
nodes to all have block level access to the storage for clvmd and dlm to
run on top of.


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