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Re: [Linux-cluster] how can I share a logical volume?

  The gnbd approach seems to fit, although don't quite undestand why this approach is better than the one I started with.
  However, I upgraded to kernel 2.6.24, cluster-2.03.00, ais, ... and followed instructions described in doc/min-gfs.txt in  ftp://sources.redhat.com/pub/cluster/releases/cluster-2.03.00.tar.gz.
  I reached the point in which I could gfs_mkfs, but I could not mount the new fs cause it complains about insufficient number of journals (I tried 2 and 4 journals) while having only one cluster node and the gnbd server.

  Kind regards

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From: Andrew A. Neuschwander <andrew ntsg umt edu>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:06:30 PM
Subject: Re: [Linux-cluster] how can I share a logical volume?

Did you setup the node with the storage as a gnbd server and the other
nodes as gnbd clients? I think this is what you want in order for the
nodes to all have block level access to the storage for clvmd and dlm to
run on top of.

Andrew A. Neuschwander, RHCE
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On Tue, April 15, 2008 12:22 am, nch wrote:
> No, I can't see the logical volumes on the other nodes. vgscan doesn't
> show any, nor I can find any new devices in /dev.
> As I couldn't find docs/examples on this particular point, I really don't
> know what to expect.
> I'm trying with different types of logical volumes (stripped, mirrored),
> but didn't make a difference.
> For the moment, I'm running all the stuff on virtual machines, could this
> be an issue?
> For the moment I'm using a minimal cluster.conf, in which I just declare
> the nodes. Should I add specific configurations to it?
> Lots of thanks.
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> From: Shawn Hood <shawnlhood gmail com>
> To: linux clustering <linux-cluster redhat com>
> Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 2:06:07 AM
> Subject: Re: [Linux-cluster] how can I share a logical volume?
> As far as I know, you should be able to at least SEE the logical
> volume as long as there is a path to the physical volumes on the other
> nodes.  Are you able to see the same block devices (eg /dev/sd?) on
> the other nodes?
> Shawn Hood
> 2008/4/14 nch <underscore_dot yahoo com>:
>> Hello, everybody.
>> I'm trying to run a cluster with 3 nodes. One of them would share
>> storage
>> with the other two using GFS and DLM (kernel 2.4.18-6).
>> I was able to start ccsd, cman, fenced and clvmd in all nodes. I've
>> defined
>> a logical volume in the storage node and was able to gfs_mkfs, activate
>> it
>> locally and mount it, but I don't know how to make it available/visible
>> to
>> the other two nodes.
>> Do you know how to do this?
>> I've followed instruction given in
>> http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/doc/usage.txt (except for setting
>> locking_type=2).
>> Many thanks.

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