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[Linux-cluster] Re: Severe problems with 64-bit RHCS on RHEL5.1

Hi Harri,

Please consider using a smart mailclient which can wrap your mails.. It
makes things a lot easier.

I have a 2 node cluster RHEL5.1 on 64bit (IBM Blades) configured which
works well for me (so far).

Harri Paivaniemi tietoenator com wrote:
> 1. 2-node cluster. Can't start only one node to get cluster services 
>up - it hangs in fencing and waits until I start te second node and
>immediately after that, when both nodes are starting cman, the cluster
>comes up.

For me fencing would hang for 3-4 minutes before I had properly
configured fencing (with manual fallback), after adding manual fallback
I no longer have this issue.

When a node is fenced / rebooted, every now and then it will fence the
other node on restart. And if I shutdown and restart both nodes
simultaneously they will fence like this (has happened 2 times on tests)

A boots quicker and establishes the cluster
B fences A when it starts
A fences B when it starts
B boots and joins the cluster..

This was before I configured qdisk, and I have not yet tested this
behaviour after qdisk was setup.

> 2. qdisk doesn't work. 2- node cluster. Start it (both nodes at the 

qdisk works well for me in a very similar setup. I have done manual
fencing tests / hardboot tests, which didn't produce anything like you

> 3. Funny thing: heuristic ping didn't work at all in the beginning 
>and support gave me a "ping-script" which make it to work... so this
>describes quite well how experimental this cluster is nowadays...

heuristic ping works fine for me out of the box..


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