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Re: [Linux-cluster] Severe problems with 64-bit RHCS on RHEL5.1

Am Donnerstag, den 17.04.2008, 09:17 +0100 schrieb Gordan Bobic:

> > 1. 2-node cluster. Can't start only one node to get cluster services up - it hangs in fencing and waits until I start te second node and immediately after that, when both nodes are starting cman, the cluster comes up. So if I have lost one node, I can't get the cluster up, if I have to restart for seome reason the working node. It should work like before (both nodes are down, I start one, it fences another and comes up). Now it just waits... log says:
> > 
> > ccsd[25272]: Error while processing connect: Connection refused
> > 
> > This is so common error message, that it just tell's nothing to me....
> I have seen similar error messages before, and it has usually been 
> caused by either the node names/interfaces/IPs not being listed 
> correctly in /etc/hosts file, or iptables firewalling rules blocking 
> communication between the nodes.

or if the cluster isn't quorate, i believe cman refuses to accept any


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