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Re: [Linux-cluster] Severe problems with 64-bit RHCS on RHEL5.1


In this case my config was right after all - those 2 man- pages are not
in sync from the logical point of view... and maby my own logical
competence was also part of this confusion ;)

But still, I just can't solve this:

- 2 nodes up'n running, works totally ok
- stop another nodes cman, qdiskd and rgmanager
- start those again (qdiskd-cman-rgmanager OR cman-qdiskd-rgmanager OR

I'll end up to situation where

- restarted node sees quorum device offline and another node online. It
has 2 votes so it is quorate

- another node sees restarted node offline. It also has 2 votes so it is

Node reboot solves the problem.


On Thu, 2008-04-17 at 12:21 +0100, gordan bobich net wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Apr 2008, Harri Päiväniemi wrote:
> > I just resolved 1 thing:
> >
> > When node a & b are down (cluster daemons) and I start node a, it hangs
> > 5 minutes in fencing becouse becouse...
> >
> > man fence_tool says:
> >
> > ""Before  joining or leaving the fence domain, fence_tool waits for the
> > cluster be in a quorate state""
> >
> > And in qdisk man- page it's said:
> >
> > ""CMAN  must  be running before the qdisk program can operate in full
> > capacity.  If CMAN is not running, qdisk will wait for it."
> >
> > I started in this order: cman-qdiskd-rgmanager". In this case it hangs
> > because fence is waiting cluster to be quorate and it's not gonna be
> > because qdisk is not yet running ;)
> >
> > Jihaa - so one problem solved. No I can start cluster node at a time.
> So - your config was not correct after all? ;)
> Gordan
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