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RE: [Linux-cluster] IP-based tie-breaker on a 2-node cluster?

On Thu, 17 Apr 2008, Andrew Lacey wrote:

but you could also just tune deadnode_timeout to be different on both
nodes: this results the behaviour Gordan told - the node that has smaller
deadnode_timeout would fence first.

Would this work in a situation where the switch was down for a few
minutes? Suppose the deadnode_timeout is 30 seconds on one node and 60
seconds on the other. So, after 60 seconds of switch downtime, both nodes
would be trying to fence. If the switch comes up after being down for 5
minutes, they would still immediately fence each other. Or am I not
thinking about this correctly?

There's an argument that if your switch is down for 30 minutes, you have bigger problems. If you have a 30 minute switch outage, the chances are that you can live with the node power-up time on top of that.


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