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RE: [Linux-cluster] Replacing a RAID 5 disk, then...


When the failed disk was replaced a RAID rebuild should have been
initiated; that is a good thing.  The RAID device will continue to
operate in degraded mode until the rebuild has completed.  I assume
that's why it is still beeping at you.

And the fact that something is beeping at you makes it sound like your
RAID is managed in hardware, in which case operating system commands
aren't going to give you an indication of what is happening.  Is this
true?  Are your disks contained in an external disk enclosure?  If so,
what kind.

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i had a problem with one of my 5 disks of my sun v40z server,
one of the disks had gone out of service, and i had that Beep sound , 
notifying me of a raid 5 problem,
so i ordered a new one, and replaced it , the beep sound is still on, i 
think that the raid 5 is beeing re-constructed!?!?!
now i want to know, what are the RedHat commands to issue to see what is

happennig, and what is the state of my raid-5.

i am under RedHat Enterprise Linux AS 4.2.


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