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Re: [Linux-cluster] MySQL Cluster

Tiago Cruz wrote:

I'm researching about mysql's cluster.
What did you suggests?

Last time I tried using MySQL Cluster it was unacceptably slow. It wasn't really a workable solution. MySQL replication was a much better option.

I need to have write in all nodes of cluster, so, I can't use DRBD7 +
Maybe, I should use DRBR8 and GFS to to this?

You could use DRBD in primary-primary mode with GFS on top and external locking in MySQL. It would work, but performance would suffer a great deal. It depends on what kind of throughput you need.

One proxy application to separe Insert/Update from Select?

Depending on your application, you could use something like MySQL round-robin replication. In that configuration, MySQL servers replicate in a ring. The downside is that there is a race condition inherent in the design, if you think about it carefully. (DRBD+GFS+ MySQL with external locking doesn't suffer the race condition.) If this potential race condition is not a concern for your application, then performance wise, it is likely to be the optimal solution for you. Since you said that fail-over is not an option for you, I am assuming that the load you plan to put through it is too great for one server to handle (I have seem low-spec servers with MySQL churning out 100,000+ queries per second when tuned up correctly). If you are dealing with this sort of load, DRBD+GFS+MySQL isn't going to cut it and round-robin replication with the mentioned race condition is pretty much your only option.


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