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Re: [Linux-cluster] ssh'ing to Cluster IP aliases.


Am Donnerstag, 24. April 2008 21:10 schrieb Bennie Thomas:
> I have a 3-node Cluster set up as 2-nodes active and one passive. I have
> assigned 2 IP Aliases
> to fail over. The problem I am having is;  When I ssh to the IP aliases
> the first time it works fine,
> I then failover the IP alias service to the backup node, then try
> ssh'ing to the alias,  it fails with man in the middle attack
> I know I can go modify .ssh/known_hosts and remove the host key and it
> will work, but if the alias fails back to the
> original node the problem starts all over.
> How can I set up ssh to allow this connection. ?

this is what i read in the net about this issue:

Very easy, you only have to edit ~/.ssh/known_hosts on the client side.



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