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Re: [Linux-cluster] redhat cluster in multi SAN

2008/4/25 gnia gnia <gniagnia gmail com>:
sorry my first message was a bit vague.
We have 2 HP EVA arrays : one being the backup device of the other in case a crash occurs.
So we make each node of the cluster (active/passive , multipath + clvmd + cmirror) connected to both EVAs.
We create one disk on each EVAs with same characteristics, plus one disk on one of the 2 EVAs as a log mirror disk.
Then we 'lvcreate -m1 disk1 disk2 disk3' and put our file system resource on this lv.
That is where our test (shutdown of an EVA) totally fails.
Unfortunately ha-lvm won't be usable because we intend to use GFS soon.
What we need is a solution that ensures clusterized services to carry on working even if on EVA burns...

AFAIK there is no open source software to make this happen. I've read about cmirror which could replicate data between two sans in a clustered environment but it was not production-proof last time I heard of it...

We have a similar situation, two different sans one being a backup, and we use the san providers (EMC) proprietary replication software.



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