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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL5 clustersuite need few clarification

You may also find this useful:

Some of the steps may not be relevant to you, but it should explain what has changed.


On Apr 29, 2008, at 2:03 AM, Panigrahi, Santosh Kumar wrote:
Hello KG,
All the below points asked about Rhel5 are same as Rhel4. In rhel5 cman, ccsd and fenced services are all clubbed into a single service as cman. Rgmanager is as it is. Rhel5 has a web based conga GUI tool (ricci/luci) to configure a cluster beside system-config-cluster standalone tool.

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Subject: [Linux-cluster] RHEL5 clustersuite need few clarification
Hi Friends,

I am working on a RHEL 5 custer. I used RHEL4 earlier and going to support RHEL5 ( Linux kernel 2.6) and I need few clarifications for below questions.
1) How to get the cluster name for RHEL 5 ( What CLI would display the name). For RHEL 4 I used "/sbin/cman_tool status" command
2) Where is the configuration file available for RHEL5.0 or is it configurable? ( For RHEL 4 ituse to be at "/etc/cluster/cluster.conf")

3) I am getting "CMAN is not running" while running /usr/sbin/clustat. How o run cman I could see /usr/sbin/cman_tool.

4) How to get a virtual IP for a given HA resource group. For RHEL4 clustersuite it was extracted from "/etc/cluster/cluster.conf" parsing "ip address=".

I appreciate your help on this.
Thanks in advance
- Krishna

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