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RE: [Linux-cluster] MySQL Cluster


Many thanks for your answer!

On Fri, 2008-04-25 at 07:38 +0300, Harri Paivaniemi tietoenator com
> If you need high select- performance but only moderate update/insert/delete,
>  then it's easy and robust way to:

Yes, I need one solution LAMP-HA for Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle,
ForumPHPBB and others "default" applications...

> - cluster master-db as active-hot standby (with RHCS)

Standby... like heartbeat? 

> - use mysql proxy to split selects and run many slaves for selects in loadbalance pool behind
> one VIP

Dude... this solution sound like very good/crazy/wonderful! :)
I've spend a lot of days reading/testing the "mysql-proxy"

"...load balancing; failover; query analysis; query filtering and

And this feature, give me totally crazy:

This should solve my problem, but it's not working very well :-(

Do you have been used this proxy before? Can you give-me some trick/tip
around? :-p

> - use bin- replication master --> slaves

Yes... I think on this, but I can't separe R from W from all
applications from my self :-(


Tiago Cruz
Linux User #282636

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