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Re: [Linux-cluster] How can I re-assign cluster id

Dear Christine

I have set <cman cluster_id="1470"/> and I trying again but I get this error:

cman: unable to set cluster_id

Could you tell me please more about cluster name hash, how it works and how can I change the values?

Best Regards

2008/8/5 Christine Caulfield <ccaulfie redhat com>
Pedro Gonzalez Zamora wrote:
Dear all

I have two clusters each cluster has two nodes, the first cluster1 starts ok but de second cluster2 can't start because it gets the same cluster ID that cluster1 and I don't know why??
I have set diferent cluster name in cluster.conf.

It's probably that you've hit a weakness with the cluster name hash, it's not perfect by any means. Your options are to change one of the cluster names so that they hash to different values or (easier) add

<cman cluster_id="XXX/>

to one or both of the cluster.conf files to force a different cluster ID number.


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