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Re: [Linux-cluster] HP ILO Fence Configuration

Does not sound like you are having a fencing issue, but I can share our configuration / implementation and experiences with it.

We have been using fencing configured for HP iLO and iLO2 for the better of 2-years, with almost a full year in production now.  It is slow (42+ seconds per fencing attempt) and always problematic.  We are piloting IBM BladeCenter as a replacement form factor over the incumbent HP DL385 servers.  Today, we use Nagios to monitor iLO's ssh / https services, because they can go down without warning -- requiring you to reset services via their firmware interface at BIOS boot-up time -- ugh!

Also, make certain you are running v1.89 on iLO cards; I forget what we are using for iLO2 (v1.43 jumps into mind).

Simple to configure (password is in plaintext, but my iLO cards are wired to an internal switch in the rack, hidden behind Cluster Suite's network director):

<clusternode name="net1" votes="5">
<method name="1">
<device name="net1ilo"/>

   ... 10 more entries ...


<fencedevice agent="fence_ilo" hostname="net1ilo.cad.rack" login="Administrator" name="net1ilo" passwd="cadnet1tendac"/>

   ... 10 more entries ...


I also wrote a wrapper script named "power" around fence_ilo for testing, and for other maintenance scripts, i.e.,
power reboot net1

# rev 07-May-2007 RHurst

CHOICES=( "off on reboot status" )

while [ -z "${COMMAND}" ]; do
echo -n "Command (${CHOICES[ ]})? "
[ -z "${COMMAND}" ] && exit

HOSTIP="`dig +short ${HOST}ilo.cad.rack`"
while [ -z "${HOSTIP}" ]; do
echo -n "host? "
read HOST
[ -z "${HOST}" ] && exit
HOSTIP="`dig +short ${HOST}ilo.cad.rack`"

[ "${HOST:0:3}" = "net" ] && PASSWD="cad${HOST}tendac"
[ "${HOST:0:3}" = "app" ] && PASSWD="cad${HOST}ppadac"
[ "${HOST:0:2}" = "db" ] && PASSWD="cad${HOST}bddac"
[ -z "${PASSWD}" ] && exit

[ $# -lt 2 ] && echo -n "Sending '${COMMAND}' to ${HOSTIP} iLO  :  "
fence_ilo -a ${HOSTIP} -l Administrator -p ${PASSWD} -o ${COMMAND}

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On Mon, 2008-08-04 at 10:11 +0200, Brett Cave wrote:
On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 12:06 PM, Balaji <balajisundar midascomm com> wrote:
> Dear All,
>  Currently i am using HP x6600 Server and I have installed RHEL4 Update 4 AS
> Linux and
>  RHEL4 Update 4 Support Cluster Suite in my server
>  I am new in fence and can any one help me how to configure HP ILO fence in
> my server
>  and HP ILO Fence Functionality

I have just set it up, have not tested 100%, but what I have so far is:
1) create fence usernames and passwords ILO on each of your devices.
2) Update cluster.conf as follows:
        <clusternode name="worker1" nodeid="1">
                        <method name="fabric">
                                <device name="ilo-worker1"/>
       <!-- the rest of your nodes here -->
        <fencedevice name="ilo-worker1" agent="fence_ilo"
hostname="" login="fence" passwd="fencepassword"/>
        <!-- 1 fence device for each clusternode, with corrent hostname info -->

According to the docs, that SHOULD work, I am still having hanging
issues on access to certain files / directories on GFS, but still
pretty new to it, so not 100% sure whether its related to fencing or

> Regards
> -S.Balaji
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