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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: How to configure a cluster to remain up in the event of node failure

Brett Cave wrote:
I think I found a problem with the way it starts up...  See just below
the startup output for more info...

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 4:59 PM, Brett Cave <brettcave gmail com> wrote:
With a 3node gfs1 cluster, and if i hard reset 1 node, it hangs on
startup, although the cluster seems to return to normal.
Nodes: node2, node3, node4
each node has 1 vote, and a qdisk has 2 votes.

If I reset node3, gfs on node2 and node4 is blocked while node3
restarts. First question: is there a config that will allow the
cluster to continue operating while 1 node is down? My quorum is 3 and
total votes is 4 while node3 is restarting, but my gfs mountpoints are
inaccessible until my cman services start up on node3.

Secondly, when node3 restarts, it hangs when trying to remount gfs file systems.
Starting cman
Mounting configfs...done
Starting ccsd...done
Starting cman...done
Starting daemons...done
Starting fencing...done
qdiskd        OK

"Mounting other file systems..." OK

Mounting GFS filesystems: GFS 0.1.1-7.el5 installed
Trying to join cluster "lock_dlm","jemdevcluster:cache1"
dlm: Using TCP for communications
dlm: connecting to 2
dlm: got connection to 2
dlm: connecting to 2
dlm: got connection from 4

Could this be the problem?

Yes, that's bad! You should only get one "connecting to" message per node. If you're getting two it looks like the connection is being closed by the remote node for some reason. Are there any messages on node 2 that might give a clue as to what's happening ?


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