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[Linux-cluster] Adding Service to Cluster..

Title: Adding Service to Cluster..

Hi Guys,

I want to add a service on already setup red hat cluster. Due to no X window installed on my machine,I am working completely on text mode.

All My Clustat says:


edwin2# clustat

Member Status: Quorate

  Member Name                              Status

  ------ ----                              ------

  edwin1-cluster                           Online, rgmanager

  edwin2-cluster                           Online, Local, rgmanager

  Service Name         Owner (Last)                   State

  ------- ----         ----- ------                   -----

  bang                 edwin2-cluster                 started


I have been provided a script by cluster experts which will help me in including service and script to the cluster.iT has the following options:


Syntax:  ../cluster/cluster.py <command> <args>



        setversion <version>



        listfodnodes <domain_name>

        addservice <service_name> <autostart> <domain>

        removeservice <service_name>

        addserviceip <service_name> <ip_address> <monitor_link>

        addservicescript <service_name> <script_name> <script_file>

        addservicefs <service_name> <device> <mountpoint> <force_unmount=1/0> <fs_name> <fs_type>

        addfodomain <domain_name> <restricted/unrestricted> <ordered/unordered>

        addfodnode <domain_name> <node_name> <node_priority>

        addquorumd <interval> <tko> <votes> <label> <log_level> <log_facility> <device>

        changelogging <log_level> <log_facility>



edwin1# ../cluster/cluster.py listservices



edwin1# vi nfsdeamon.sh

edwin1# ../cluster/cluster.py addservicescript nfs nfscontrol nfsdeamon.sh

Script has been added successfully.

edwin1# clustat

I added nfs script written ownself.

I too added the service before that.

Now When I run

#../cluster/cluster.py listfoservices



It means that service is successfully added with the script.

Now when I see clustat I acnt see NFS Service being displayed.

That’s Why its difficult for me to run the following command instead:


edwin2# clusvcadm -r nfs -m edwin2-cluster

Trying to relocate nfs to edwin2-cluster...failed: Service does not exist


What should I do to include nfs in clustat.

Pls help

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