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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS vs. GFS2: system-config-cluster, locking ...

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 11:13 PM, Chris Joelly <chris-m-lists joelly net> wrote:
> Hello,

> As i read long ago and if i remember correct for GFS there was a lock
> server required (gulm, or similar...)

GULM is 1 option, DLM is another. I have been using lock_dlm
(distributed lock manager), along with cman (Cluster manager). It
ships standard with Centos, and also have it running on Gentoo.

> Is this still true? How do i correctly install GFS? Is GFS able to use
> lock_dlm?

Yes. Dont need a GULM server if you are using dlm though.

> Does this mean that GFS is using the locking infrastructure of GFS2
> already?
> Or is Ubuntu 8.04 somehow inconsistent regarding RHCS?

Centos modinfo on gfs also shows gfs2 as dependancy. locking is a
seperate service from gfs, and from what I understand, both gfs and
gfs2 use locking (lock_dlm). Not sure why there is this module
dependancy. Have no idea why there is this depedancy though.

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