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[Linux-cluster] RE: NFS Issue in Cluster??

Title: RE: NFS Issue in Cluster??

Just be more Clear,

I have two Cluster Nodes: Edwin1 and Edwin2.

Edwin2 is NFS Server while Edwin1 is NFS Client.

Anyway,NFS will be running on Active/Active ie both are running NFS simultanously.

On Edwin2 we can see the following configuration:

# df –h on /var/tmp/kunal type nfs (rw,soft,addr=

/dev/sdj1 on /usr/bang-test type ext3 (rw)

[[[[Note: As for Now /dev/sdj1 which is a shared storage partition is right now mounted on

Edwin2.As We do Clusvcadm -r bang -m edwin1 command,it will relocate to edwin1 node.]]]

I have mounted /usr/bang-test/xml to /var/tmp/kunal as seen above.

Corresponding to that I made the entry under NFS Mount on LUCI as:

NFS Mount Resource Configuration

Name  --->  NFSMount  

Mount point   ---> /var/tmp/kunal

Host   -->

Export path   -->

NFS version NFS3 -> <Default>




On Edwin1 Now, The mount point /dev/sdj1 couldnt be seen.(After failover it will be seen)

#df -h

                      206G  360M  195G   1% /var/tmp/kunal

Now When I have written another Service Script called bang which mean now I have two Script

in hand.I have added both to the cluster.

As you see output of Clustat:


edwin2# clustat

Member Status: Quorate

  Member Name                              Status

  ------ ----                              ------

  edwin1-cluster                           Online, rgmanager

  edwin2-cluster                           Online, Local, rgmanager

  Service Name         Owner (Last)                   State

  ------- ----         ----- ------                   -----

  bang                 edwin2-cluster                 started

  NFSCluster           edwin1-cluster                 started

So Now Both the service are added.When I now perform failover it doesnt appear working.

Is there anything mischievious I am doing?

Pls Advise

From: Singh Raina, Ajeet
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2008 6:03 PM
To: 'linux clustering'
Cc: 'piyush yaduvanshi'
Subject: NFS Issue in Cluster??

Hello Guys,

I have a doubt and I hope you people gonna Help me with.

I have been stucked with including NFS Resource and Services.

Let me tell you….I want to run NFS Service on one of the red hat cluster node .ON failover to the second cluster node the NFS should come up.

But I donno why the way to configure that has been so complicated written.

All I can see is:


1.      NFS Mount

o       NFS3 — Specifies using NFSv3 protocol. The default setting is NFS.
o       NFS4 — Specifies using NFSv4 protocol.

Please Help me understanding what’s the difference between NFS Mount,NFS Export and NFS Client in this context.

I just want to do failover ie. When one node has NFS running then on being stopped NFS Should be starting at the other end.

Pls Help

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