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[Linux-cluster] GFS with iSCSI and HP 2012i

 I'm looking for feedback on two items :

1. Experience with GFS  using  iSCSI
2. Any experience using the HP 2012i iSCSI array .

My current application runs  AS 3 with clustering on a 2 node HP DL380G3
Packaged Cluster(SCSI shared array) in a primary/secondary configuration.
The data is made available to other  local ES3 machines(4 x DL380G3/4's) via NFS.
These machines run reports as well as run apache for user access.  The
shared array holds numerous log files which are written to constantly.
Currently we have ~200 files which recieve ~4GB of data daily so the write
 loading is not high.

One option for upgrading is to :
 - Upgrade to latest RH with clustering and GFS on all the servers.
 - Have the shared data on a HP iSCSI(MSA2012i) which is
   accessed by all. We use HP equipment so my options are limited.

I have found the following article comparing iSCSI devices including
 HP2012i on both Windows and Centos 5  : http://www.networkworld.com/reviews/2008/072808-test-iscsi-sans.html
HP 2012i results : http://www.networkworld.com/reviews/2008/072808-test-iscsi-sans-hp.html


David K Livingstone
Edmonton, AB
Email: David Livingstone cn ca

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