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Re: [Linux-cluster] Want to Setup NFS with redhat Cluster??

AIUI your target is to use A & B (Cluster nodes) to provide high availability of nfs service to your client machine C.
a) If node A goes down B takes over the nfs service, provided to client C.
b) If node B goes down A takes over the nfs service. provided to client C.
c) At any particular time only A node or B node providing service to C.
c) Client C, should see the same data independent of A and B, whether A is providing nfs export or B.

Above thing can be achieved easily.
a) Get the DRBD (distributed redundant block device) and replicate data between A node, B node. RAID1
b) You need to create a virtual IP which floats between A node and B node along with startup of nfs service.
c) You client C will access the floating virtual IP.
above three things can be achieved by linux-heartbeat as well as RHCS, with RHCS you only have to manage DRBD primary. which can be handled with some small script.

If in doubt ask how to.

Anuj Singh.

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 6:52 AM, Singh Raina, Ajeet <ajeet singh raina logica com> wrote:
Thanks for the Entire Movie. But Few doubts on mind and want your

I have two nodes A and B That's fine.
C is not a cluster node.

As per the project requirement C has to be always be NFS mounted to A.
When A's application goes down, NFS service wont be able to failover as
lots of users are still mounted and accessing from node c to node A
through NFS.I could see there is one command called umount -a but don't
find it efficient.

How can I achieve that?

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2008/8/20 Singh Raina, Ajeet <ajeet singh raina logica com>

       Can anyone Help me in setting up NFS with Red Hat Cluster?

       I still don't understand what is NFS Mount, NFS Client and NFS

OK Let us say you have 3 machines A, B, C.

A, B are Cluster nodes.

C is a machine which has to make available the data on its local hard
disks to who ever wants it using NFS protocol.
This data is available in file format which are stored under directories
say /XXX, /YYY, /ZZZ

Now our friends A & B -- the cluster members -- wants to access data
under /XXX located in C. They are not interested in /YYY and /ZZZ

Now let us bring another player in this love triangle -- a laptop called
as GADDI which wants the /ZZZ available on the NFS server C.

In this Scenario, A and B are NFS clients.

Our GADDI too is an NFS client.

C is the NFS Server. /XXX, /YYY and /ZZZ are NFS exports.

When A and/or B mounts C:/XXX on a local mount point, say /NFSXXX, it is
called and NFS mount

Now the /YYY as yet unused. (like scripts in the whole bollywood


Having explained that can you please rephrase your movie.. err..
scenario again please using the above analogies

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