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[Linux-cluster] gfs2 lockup

Given the recent discussion of GFS2's stability I thought I'd chime in
with a problem test case.

I've noticed a deadlock in the following situation:

3 node Debian (Lenny) cluster of esx based vm nodes using either fibre
channel or open-iscsi based storage.  Version 2.03.06 on the
redhat-cluster-suite software, 0.80.3 openais, and 2.6.26 on the kernel.

cssh node1 node2 node3
cd /gfs2/
rm -rf *

The last command generally deadlocks at least one of the machines.  Any
access attempts to the /gfs2 volume simply hang.  No logs in dmesg,
messages, etc.  On a few occasions about 24 hours later it'll get
fenced, but usually it's just stuck indefinitely.  I haven't had a
chance to look into this in much more depth since I had to get something
running so I just went back to OCFS2.  I now have an opportunity to test
with things again, so if someone would like more information or could
possibly tell me what's wrong that would be nice.


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