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Re: [Linux-cluster] panic after "jid=0, already locked for use"

On Thu, 11 Dec 2008, Bob Peterson wrote:

Hi Nathan,

I think you may have hit bugzilla bug 457557.  I'm not sure if you
can view the record, due to permissions (which is out of my
control), but here is a link to try:


In the case of the bugzilla, I helped the guy who reported it patch
his file system with the gfs2_edit and everything was okay again.
It was not difficult.  Perhaps what you should do is:

gfs2_edit -p journal0 /dev/your/device > /tmp/j0

Then use some tool like "less" to search /tmp/j0 for "---" which
will indicate where that journal wrapped.  Then examine the
sequence numbers printed out and see if you can find a duplicate.
In the bugzilla case, I had the reporter patch the sequence
numbers so there were no duplicates, and gfs2 was able to
mount happily again.  I'm willing to help with the process if
need be.  If this is the same problem, I never did figure out
how the duplicate sequence number got in there, but you're only
the second person to have encountered that problem.
I will eventually get to the bottom of it though; it's a matter
of juggling priorities.

I did not see any "---" you can see a copy at:


Also, I'm not sure what version of gfs2 you're running, but GFS2
was not previously considered ready for production use yet,
although it hasn't changed much recently.  Nevertheless, you may
want to make sure you've got the latest and greatest GFS2 kernel
code (from source.)  If it's the problem listed in the bz, newer
code would not have saved you from hitting the problem though.

The problem I am running into is that the newer versions require a new kernel and not work with xen. I am running:

[root xen0 ~]# yum list installed |grep gfs
gfs-utils.x86_64                         0.1.17-1.el5           installed
gfs2-utils.x86_64                        0.1.44-1.el5_2.1       installed
kmod-gfs-xen.x86_64                      0.1.23-5.el5           installed
kmod-gfs-xen.x86_64                      0.1.23-5.el5_2.4       installed

I know I screwed up, I should never have use GFS2, but is there any way to pull the data off?


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