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Re: [Linux-cluster] Qdiskd not working anymore

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When you have more than one path to access a storage-device (SAN), you
will need to install/configure some kind of MultiPath I/O.

IBM has RDAC, EMC has PowerPath, HP has SecurePath, and so on..

Linux device-mapper (md) has dm-multipath as an alternative for
proprietary drivers above cited, maybe you can use it to configure
your multipath storage.

BTW, this is off-topic here (if your problem really is multipath
configuration, as i guessed).

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Flávio do Carmo Júnior aka waKKu

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On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 3:57 AM, Maykel Moya <moya-lists infomed sld cu> wrote:
I have a SAN LUN exported to a four node cluster. I' m using Quorum Disk
and it was working OK (ie: shows up in clustat).

The cluster isn't yet in production. Some days ago another io path was
added to the SAN.

Today I issued a clustat and see no reference to qdiskd. The daemon
refused to start:

e1b01:~# qdiskd -fd
[21092] debug: Loading configuration information
[21092] debug: 0 heuristics loaded
[21092] debug: Quorum Daemon: 0 heuristics, 3 interval, 23 tko, 3 votes
[21092] debug: Run Flags: 00000035
[21092] crit: Specified device /dev/sda1 does match kernel's reported
sector size (0 != -1)

I wonder is there are any relationship between qdiskd failing and seeing
the LUN partition twice in each node. /dev/sda1 is the qdisk, also seen
as /dev/sdb1.

I tried to recreate the quorum disk and updated cluster.conf to use
device instead of label but still qdiskd refuse to start

I'm using:

linux 2.6.27
rhcs 2.03.08
openais 0.83

on debian lenny.

Thanks very much for your help


   Red Telematica de Salud - Cuba
         CNICM - Infomed

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