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Re: [Linux-cluster] DataProtector service does not auto-start after server reboot

sunhux G wrote:

I have 5 Redhat 4.6  RHES servers which I've installed HP
dataprotector in exactly the same manner.

For 3 of them, each time after reboot the Dataprotector
"omni" process would listen on Tcp 5555 (netstat -a
confirms this)

However for 2 of them, DP "omni" is not auto-started up
after each reboot & I have to issue "service xinetd restart"
to start it up.

Can see that in all 5 servers,  /etc/xinetd.d/omni is present
& the contents are the same.

I've also created a startup script in /etc/rc3.d/S99startomni
& in /etc/rc5.d/S99startomni   which contain just one line :
service xinetd restart
but still after each reboot, it won't start up the omni service

What's wrong?  The 2 servers with problem was hardened
by an external vendor so not exactly sure what's been done



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Maybe you need to add xinetd to your startup: chkconfig xinetd on

Your S99* scripts are probably not executed, did you check if they have the executable bit set ?


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