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Re: [Linux-cluster] VMware over GFS?

ESXi is a bare metal solution i assume. So the linux vm's running on the esxi should be able to use gfs. But if this is for storing vm's itself for use by esxi, how are you going to get all the software and kernel modules that are needed to get gfs working, as esx is very much a stripped down
version of Linux?


lists grounded net wrote:
 It sounds like what you are after is actually VMware ESX + Virtual
 Infrastructure = $$$. That allows full migration of the VM's around, restarting on node
failure etc etc...
 However this will use VMFS rather than GFS for the storage of the VM's

I have the free version of ESXi 3.5 I think it is. Is this the same thing you're talking about?
 From what I've read, it looks like the only way of clustering or having fail over is using win as the VM servers which is why I started wondering about GFS.

I wish I would have a little hands on with XEN, maybe it's an option before I get too deep into VMware.


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