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Re: [Linux-cluster] postgres cluster with RHEL5

I am trying to get an active-passive postgres cluster going.  I have a
shared storage with NFS.  I just can't get it going.  I am using luci
to configure this which, from what I have been reading, is somewhat
buggy in the postgres-8 arena.  My first question is what components
of postgres should live on the shared storage?

A have also implemented an active-passive cluster for postgresql, here's what I suggest:

-Do not use nfs with postgresql. It can lead to unpredictable results when a failure with the nfs mount occurs. For more info check the postgresql mailing list archives.
-I don't know how the rgmanager's built-in postgresql support works, but at least using the "script" resource works just fine.
-I am using gfs with postgresql and all but the database binaries are on the shared storage.
-Be sure to test, test and test that your fencing is working!



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