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Re: [Linux-cluster] postgres cluster with RHEL5

Terry wrote:

I am trying to get an active-passive postgres cluster going.  I have a
shared storage with NFS.  I just can't get it going.  I am using luci
to configure this which, from what I have been reading, is somewhat
buggy in the postgres-8 arena.  My first question is what components
of postgres should live on the shared storage?

I configured pg on RHEL4 cluster, and I put only the
database files and logs on the shared storage.
In my case was a 4Gb FC-attached SAN.
The pg binaries and config files were on both active and
passive nodes.

Probably if you put also your binaries on shared storage,
you should be sure that pg won't start if something bad
happens :-)

I also wouldn't recommend NFS, but I never
tried that myself with pg. Only had bad experiences
with NFS shares hanging up processes for long.

config_file="/etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf" name="dssystem2"
postmaster_user="postgres" shutdown_wait="0"/>

Also, in RHCS4 there was no "<postgres-8>" resource, but
I did that with a script resource, which is simple but
kind-of worked (after fixing the infamous init scripts bug :)


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