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[Linux-cluster] XEN VM Cluster

I'm trying to do a two node cluster.
I want start a virtual machine at vserver1 and reallocate it to vserver2 if node 1 stop.
The VM is installed in a shared HP storage.
This access is made with two Emulex Corporation Zephyr-X LightPulse Fibre Channel Host Adapter.
If I start it manually which xm create its ok in both servers.
The partition is a LVM in /dev/VG2/LV01.
I install virtual machine directly in this partition.
The names vserver1 e vserv2 are in the /etc/hosts.
The cluster start but vserver2 join and after appear "Member Left".

I think that my problem is in fence device.
I don't have any equipament.
I have only the servers, storage, NICs and Emulex.

I didn't find any manual for this situation.

     +--- SWITCH ---+
     |              |
     |              |  
+----------+     +----------+
| XEN      |     | XEN      |
|   maq1   |     |          |
|          |     |          |
| vserver1 |     | vserver2 |
+----------+     +----------+
     |              |
     |              |
    |  HP Storage    |

My cluster.conf is: 

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster alias="cluster1" config_version="13" name="cluster1">
        <fence_daemon clean_start="0" post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3"/>
        <fence_xvmd family="ipv4" key_file="/etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key"/>
                <clusternode name="vserver1.teste.br" nodeid="1" votes="1">
                                <method name="1">
                                        <device domain="teste.br" name="maq1"/>
                <clusternode name="vserver2.teste.br" nodeid="2" votes="1">
        <cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>
                <fencedevice agent="fence_xvm" name="maq1" auth="none"/>
                        <failoverdomain name="fodMaq1" ordered="1" restricted="1">
                                <failoverdomainnode name="vserver1.teste.br" priority="1"/>
                                <failoverdomainnode name="vserver2.teste.br" priority="2"/>
                <vm autostart="1" domain="fodMaq1" exclusive="0" name="maq1" path="/etc/xen" recovery="relocate"/>

Marcos Ferreira da Silva
Digital Tecnologia
(34) 9154-0150 / 3226-2534

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