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Re: [Linux-cluster] XEN VM Cluster

How could configure a partition to share a VM config for two machines?
Could you send me your cluster.conf for I compare with I want to do?

Then I need to have a shared partition to put the VMs config, that will be access by other machines, and a physical (LVM in a storage) to put the real machine.
Is it correct?

When I start a VM in a node 1 it will start in a physical device.
If I disconnect the node 1, will the vm migrate to node 2?
Will the clients connections lose?

I'm use a HP Storage and a two servers with multipath with emulex fiber channel.

Marcos Ferreira da Silva
Digital Tecnologia
(34) 9154-0150 / 3226-2534

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> Hi Marcos,
> Am Mittwoch, den 06.02.2008, 04:28 -0500 schrieb Marcos Ferreira da
> Silva:
> > Thanks for the docs.
> > 
> > In the VMClusterCookbook I don't understand where is the directory /guests.
> > Is a shared partition in a storage?
> > How could I configure this shared partition to be access for both machines?
> it should be anything that is available on both machines and shared
> among them, i have a small GFS partition for that on my vm cluster, but
> i guess you can use NFS for that too.
> > 
> > Have I use a "disk in a file" like the doc? 
> that's nothing cluster specific but xen specific. it means that you use
> a file as a "blockdevice" for your guest domain. (check xen docs)
> > Or could I use a real partition in a shared storage (partitioon with no filesystem only created by lvm)?
> even though the cookbooks suggested file images on a shared filesystem,
> i simply used luns i carved from my SAN, which are then used as "phy"
> blockdevices by the guests. Because i'm using multipathing on all
> machines and thus have the luns in a consistent naming scheme on all
> machines, it works pretty well for migration and failover.
> enjoy,
> johannes 

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