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Re: [Linux-cluster] XEN VM Cluster

> How could configure a partition to share a VM config for two machines?
> Could you send me your cluster.conf for I compare with I want to do?

no need for my cluster.conf. just use a GFS partition and it will be
fine. (don't forget to put it into fstab)

> Then I need to have a shared partition to put the VMs config, that will be access by other machines, and a physical (LVM in a storage) to put the real machine.
> Is it correct?

i don't know what you mean by "real machine", but your guests not only
need the config, they will also need some storage for their system.
that's where you need a storage that's connected to your nodes, wether
it's luns, lvm lvs or image files, no matter. just keep in mind that if
you are using image files, you need to place them on GFS so that every
node in your cluster can access them the same.

> When I start a VM in a node 1 it will start in a physical device.
> If I disconnect the node 1, will the vm migrate to node 2?
> Will the clients connections lose?

it's just failover, which means that if the cluster sees a problem with
one of the nodes, the other node will take over it's services, which
basically means that the vms will be started on the other node.
that does mean that your clients will get disconnected.

> I'm use a HP Storage and a two servers with multipath with emulex fiber channel.

should be fine.


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