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Re: [Linux-cluster] Help : CONFIGURING REDHAT CLUSTER WITH CONGA-RHEL5(active /Passive)

Hi Kesavan,
Take a simple approach:
a) Configure MySQL and Active Passive mode
b) Use JBoss clustering (it is inbuilt with product) feature to cluster JBoss
c) If you are not comfortable with conga, use system-config-cluster to configure


On Feb 7, 2008 12:33 PM, Kesavan, Prakash C <prakash c-k hp com> wrote:

Hi All,

I am in a project in which we are suppose to configure redhat cluster.

The following is the clients requirement.

They want to configure a redhat cluster suit for there three tire web
application(Apache,jboss,mysql,).They need to configure the server in
active passive mode.

We are planning to configure mysql active in one machine and passive in
other machine then jboss active in one machine and passive in other
machine. (not sure whether it is possible).

We have a san storage also.

Could any body have done the set up earlier the same with two node,
request to share the knowledge.

The main constraint now is  1) "How to setup the active passive setup in
                                   2) "What is the stability of the
configuration with conga any limitation compairing with the
method using files"
                                   3)  Any body have any other method
of configuring the setup. using conventional method using
                                   4) Fencing configuration with
ILO.power switch. Script for password sharing..etc...

Thanks in advance
Prakash C Kesavan

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