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[Linux-cluster] 2-node tie-breaking


I've got a slightly peculiar problem. 2-node cluster acting as a load balanced fail-over router. 3 NICs: public, private, cluster. Cluster NICs are connected with a cross-over cable, the other two are on switches. The cluster NIC is only used for DRBD/GFS/DLM and associated things.

The failure mode that I'm trying to account for is the one of the cluster NIC failing on one machine. On the public and privace networks, both machines can still see everything (including each other). That means that a tie-breaker based on other visible things will not work.

So, which machine gets fenced in the case of the cluster NIC failure (or more likely, if the x-over cable falls out)?

Is there a sane, tested way to handle this condition? It would be quite embarrasing if both, otherwise fully functional nodes, decided to shut fence the other one off by shutting it down.



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