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[Linux-cluster] NFS clustering - how to use fsid= options for the exports



I have setup a active-standby NFS cluster.


Everything is working like it should, except for one thing.


In HP ServiceGuard you use /etc/exports on each node in a active-standby cluster to manage exports, and there you can use the fsid=X for each filesystem you want to export (helps with stale nfs errors after a failover).


In RHCS i cannot seem to get the server to correctly use the options ...


Here is my service:


                <service autostart="1" domain="nfsdomain" name="nfs">

                        <nfsexport name="home1">

                                <nfsclient name="nfshome" options="rw,sync,fsid=150" path="/home" target=""/>

                                <nfsclient name="nfsdata" options="rw,fsid=50,sync" path="/data" target=""/>

                                <clusterfs ref="home"/>

                                <ip ref=""/>

                                <clusterfs ref="data"/>



Would this not be the correct way ? Is there a other way to do this except for manually using /etc/exports and just have RHCS manage the IP address transfer beteween the nodes?


Kær kveðja / Best Regards,

Finnur Örn Guðmundsson
Network Engineer - Network Operations
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