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[Linux-cluster] New Cluster Wiki and FAQ

Hi People,

I'm happy to announce that, thanks to the ingenuity of Lon Hohberger,
we now have a cluster wiki.  It's still in its infancy, but since it's
a wiki, it should be easier to update, and it should allow you to
add / modify / improve the content as well.  The cluster wiki is at:


Lon has also migrated the Cluster FAQ to a wiki page:


Hopefully all the contents are there from the old FAQ.  Let me know if
you have problems with it.  To help keep spam from invading the wiki,
if you want to change any of the pages, you have to first set up an
account: A simple name, password and email address.

>From now on I plan to keep the wiki up to date and let the old cluster
FAQ fade away.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat GFS/GFS2

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