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[Linux-cluster] Pseudo-Fencing for 2-node DRBD+GFS


Thanks for the replies on the other thread. I'm still assimilating them. Meanwhile, however, I am faced with a different problem. It turns out that the servers I've got to prototype this with only have MegaRAC 780 (a.k.a. DRAC 2) management cards in them. The problem with this is that, to the best of my ability to tell, these don't seem to provide a sanely usable interface to allow for the machine to be powered down via the command line (Windows only management utility - I can't even get it to ping, only arping, and nmap isn't coming up with anything!)

So, I need a poor man's pseudo-fencing hack that will protect the shared file system by stopping the DRBD replication between the hosts (range of options available including using iptables to firewall the cluster NIC, or just downing the interface completely, as it's not used for anything else). The theoretical assumption (I don't really have a choice...) is that if one of the machines fails, it will fail completely and not attempt to fight over the resources that need to be failed over (in this case just IP addresses).

Is there a minimum API that a fencing script has to implement to be usable via cluster.conf? If so, can anyone please point me at some documentation for it? Would this be a reasonable way to implement fencing in a 2-node case?



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