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Re: [Linux-cluster] 2-node tie-breaking

Lon H. Hohberger wrote:
On Thu, 2008-02-07 at 21:02 +0000, Gordan Bobic wrote:

Thinking about this a bit more, a tie-breaking IP ping may need to be implemented on the public and private NICs. On the public side, the tie-breaker would need to be the next router along. Are there hooks for implementing such a thing as a simple ping script, or heartbeat or similar that can be used to achieve this?

Hmm, the problem is that using qdisk requires... well, a shared disk
(that doesn't need pesky things like network communications...).

Sure, I understand that. But since there are only 2 nodes, fencing by downing the local cluster interface would at least stop the file system from getting hosed.

Well, here's a cheap 'out' ;)

Ebay item # 250213910258

8 port WTI NPS for $70 + $15 s/h.

Indeed, that would be tempting if it wasn't on the wrong side of the atlantic. A more local search for similar things doesn't seem to come up with anything. :-(


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