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Re: [Linux-cluster] 2-node tie-breaking

Jakub Suchy wrote:
Well, here's a cheap 'out' ;)
Ebay item # 250213910258
8 port WTI NPS for $70 + $15 s/h.
Indeed, that would be tempting if it wasn't on the wrong side of the atlantic. A more local search for similar things doesn't seem to come up with anything. :-(

Another "cheap" power switch may be:


Made by a Czech Republic (= right side of the atlantic :) company,
allows power switching of two servers. Requires you to write a fencing
script and connect power output cables from this device to power
switches in the servers. Again - never tried, but it's around 3188 Czech
crowns, which is approx. $187.

Yeah, but that's not that far off a couple of cheap UPS-es with basic serial interfaces. I could cross-connect them so that Server-A is powered off UPS-A, and is controlling UPS-B via serial/USB. Same in reverse on the other machine.

That way Server-A can power off Server-B and vice versa.

The upshot being that at least that way I have UPS capability.

But it'd still be nice to have a software only "might work most of the time" solution. It should work at least in the cases where preservation of the GFS is the main concern, as all the surviving nodes should be able to firewall off the node they think has died. Resource fail-over might still be an issue, but at least the cluster itself would stay safe and functional.


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