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Re: [Linux-cluster] 2-node tie-breaking

> Its relatively unlikely that an RS-232 port would supply enough current
> to drive a relay directly, but you might find a suitable alternative in
> an opto-isolator, and that would also have the advantage of not being
> inductive and thus it won't potentially put a surge onto your
> power-rails in case your decoupling isn't 100%. Its also cheaper.

Czech Republic is a Wi-Fi giant. As Wi-Fi access points have been really
unreliable, many Wi-Fi amateurs developed Watchdogs on their own.
This is one of them:


In Czech only, but it may be OK for an experienced developer. I can
provide rough translation if needed.


Jakub Suchý <jakub suchy enlogit cz>
GSM: +420 - 777 817 949

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