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Re: [Linux-cluster] Redundant (multipath)/Replicating NFS

isplist logicore net wrote:
I recall that there is a multipath tool for RHEL which allows one to have redundant SCSI/FC paths in case one goes away.
Are there any tools which would accomplish the same with NFS?

If you have 2 NFS server you need replicated and failed over, you can use DRBD to replicate a virtual block device. You can have this in primary/primary mode with GFS on top, and you can then export the FS from both machines via NFS. If you use UDP NFS, you can have a floating IP address for the server that you fail over in case of a node failing. There may be a way to load balance NFS, too, but I've yet to see that actually work. If you are just failing over, you could run DRBD in standard mode without GFS. DRBD has heartbeat plugs.

Is there any way of replicating NFS data in real time rather than as a regular backup, such as RAID1 for example, and be able to fail over to the second path or NFS IP should the first fail.

DRBD is effectively RAID1 over TCP/IP.


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