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Re: [Linux-cluster] quotaoff -gu causes problems

Quoting Pavlos Parissis <p_pavlos freemail gr>:


I have a service which mounts 3 ext3 FS and then share it over a nfs -
this is done manually by a script because nfs exports "are" broken in
For more info about this read

When the exported file systems are mounted by the clients with options
bg,rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,intr,hard and try to fail over the
service, the stopping process hangs when it executes quotaoff -gu.
I see that in ps -ef and when I run manually quotaoff -gu hangs as well.

I thought to put noquota on the options for the fs but it didn't help
because the /usr/share/cluster/fs.sh runs quotaoff -gu regardless if
the fs are mounted with noquota.

Any idea how to solve this?


here is my cluster conf for the service
question about the fsid - do I put any  number I want ?

<service domain="ThirdDomain" name="nfs1" autostart="1" recovery="relocate"> <fs device="/dev/sdb2" options="noquota" nfslock="1" fsid="1002" mountpoint="/nfs_omg_data" force_unmount="1" name="/nfs_omg_data" fstype="ext3"/> <fs device="/dev/sdb3" options="noquota" nfslock="1" fsid="1003" mountpoint="/nfs_apps" force_unmount="1" name="/nfs_apps" fstype="ext3"/> <fs device="/dev/sdb4" options="noquota" nfslock="1" fsid="1004" mountpoint="/nfs_cdr_central" force_unmount="1" name="/nfs_cdr_central" fstype="ext3"/>
      <ip monitor_link="1" address=""/>
      <ip monitor_link="1" address=""/>
      <script name="nfs1" file="/usr/local/wsb/scripts/rhc_nfs1"/>

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