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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHCS 5.1 latest packages, 2-node cluster, doesn't come up with only 1 node

Hi Lon,

Sorry for a so long delay on answering this.

Just one more doubt:

Lon Hohberger escreveu:
Please tell me:
* is it really wrong set the node names in cluster.conf to a name different to that reported by "uname -n"? * if it is "ugly" or considered wrong, what is the best way to instruct CMAN which interface to use for heartbeat?

I think it's mostly fixed in RHEL5.

We have updated the CMAN init script for RHEL5 to
allow /etc/sysconfig/cluster to have "NODENAME=preferred_host_name".  It
will go out with the next update, but here it is in CVS:

So, after updating the CMAN init script, should I update cluster.conf to use the real servers' names, and then set NODENAME=xxx in etc/sysconfig/cluster?


We do what we can, but please keep in mind that a public mailing list
isn't a very good support forum compared to (for example):

Yes, I understand this very clearly. I usually ask things at this mailing list only if the customer has the corresponding subscriptions, we want everybody to be officialy supported. I always instruct our customers to ask for support at Red Hat support personnel, and we only install solutions like this if the customer has contracted support from Red Hat.

But in this case, I was at the middle of an installation, where the behaviour was a little bit different from what I was used to, so I really appreciate all your help. And your not-yet-officially-released script solved my problem, thanks!!!

I think you're doing a great piece of work, some closed-source Cluster solutions are not always as flexible and as evolving as it is with Cluster Suite and GFS.

Best regards,


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